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purpose-built for paddle surfing...

SUP paddles designed for down winders, touring or SUP racing just don’t cut it in the surf. Sadly, we learned this the hard way with broken shafts and shoulder injuries. So we set out to build a paddle designed exclusively for paddle surfing. Some might say you must make too many compromises to accomplish this successfully. 


We believe it’s about optimizing what we know about paddle design to create a purpose-built tool for wave riding. We combined our experience from across the actions sports industry and the science with real-world testing in a variety of surf conditions to develop our performance wave riding paddle.

every aspect of this paddle has been optimized to handle the unique challenges of paddle surfing...

The Surf 3.0 paddle is designed specifically for paddle surfing. Paddle surfing requires a paddle that can deliver quick power, is strong and durable and facilitates maneuverability. We attempted to incorporate these critical needs combined with a consideration for the various conditions unique to paddle surfing into every aspect of the design for this paddle from the tip of the blade to the handle.

3K carbon fiber construction provides performance, strength, and durability while keeping paddle lightweight

Meeting these performance characteristics requires the latest in paddle technology, construction and design. The Surf 3.0 paddle is manufactured using 3K carbon fiber including the blade, shaft, and handle. This provides the performance, strength and durability critical for paddle surfing while not adding unnecessary weight. We only offer it in a fixed dedicated wave paddle design.

all with industry standard 1-year warranty guarantee and a price point that cannot be beat...

Lastly, our dedicated wave paddles are priced at a MAP of $399. Comparable wave paddles currently on the market start are well over $400. We are able to achieve this pricing without cutting any corners on the design, build or performance of our paddles. In fact we encourage you to compare our paddle specifications against any other wave paddle on the market. Furthermore, we stand behind our wave paddles and are the only manufacturer to offer a 1-year warranty guarantee.

Click here for more details and paddle specifications.

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