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With muscular shoulders and a higher aspect, the blade shape and size are optimized to provide a balance between power and cadence critical when paddling out through short period swell (i.e, aerated water), over big sets and accelerating from a dead stop to catch a wave. The pronounced dihedral blade provides a smooth and stable stroke and added power allowing for a smaller overall blade size which also helps keep the weight down. That said, blade sizes are slightly bigger than some of the other dedicated waves paddles on the market. Low volume paddle surf boards do not glide efficiently. A bigger blade helps the paddler overcome this especially when accelerating from a dead stop in surf conditions. Because paddle surfing conditions can be intense (e.g., cross current, raging back wash) and require aggressive paddling techniques, the blade offset (i.e., angle) was slightly reduced. It also accounts for the fact that dedicated wave paddles are typically shorter in overall length. The ABS insert along the entire edge of the blade provides added durability.


The shaft diameter was slightly decreased for comfort and weight making paddle transitions seamless. The reduced diameter also makes it easier to grip the paddle and gain leverage on the shaft earlier especially when paddling off balance or from awkward body positions.  Built with  3K carbon fiber gives the shaft a medium to stiff flex providing just enough forgiveness without compromising power. It also provides the necessary strength for bracing and planting the paddle into turns and cutbacks unique to paddle surfing. The ferrule connection (i.e., blade inserted into shaft as opposed to over the shaft) between the shaft and blade provides additional strength. With all this performance and durability the paddles comes in at 1.0 lbs. This includes the entire paddle including handle, shaft, and blade combined all hot-glued and ready for the water.


The timeless and proven rounded T handle (Tahitian) was chosen for the grip. Made with carbon fiber it is lightweight. The T-handle design makes it easier to catch the handle (as opposed to a rounded handle) when scrambling to get back to paddling on the inside after a wipe out or making quick paddle transitions on the wave. The T handle helps reduce the chances of having your hand slip off the end of the paddle or missing the grip as you slide your hand up the shaft (ever hit yourself in the face). It also provides direct feedback to the palm of the hand confirming the paddle is in correct direction without having to look. This can be critical on the inside  when you need maximum speed and acceleration.


  • Blade Sizes: 91 in² 

  • Blade Offset: 10 Degrees 

  • Pronouned Dihedral Blade

  • Ferrule Blade Connection

  • Blade Material: 100% 3k Carbon Fiber

  • ABS Blade Insert

  • Handle Material: 100% 3k Carbon Fiber

  • Handle: Rounded T Handle

  • Shaft Diameter: 29 mm

  • Shaft Material: 3k Carbon Fiber

  • Shaft Stiffness: High Medium

  • Weight: 1.0 lb. (blade, shaft, and handle)

  • Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber Construction

  • Precision Cut CNC HD Core

  • Warranty: 2-Year Guarantee

Warranty 1-Year Guarantee

Our warranty covers manufacturing defects and part failures that occur from the forces expected during normal use by the original purchaser. Snapping your shaft in half landing on your paddle board with your paddle in OH shore break or closing it in your car door is not normal use. We will replace and/or repair the failed part or paddle at our discretion. Our paddles are modular, enabling us to replace any of the components including the  blade, shaft and handle separately. 


To make a warranty claim please email us. Include proof of purchase and detailed pictures of the failed part. Photographs showing the failure are required. Unless requested by customer service you will not have to return the damaged part to us.

Legal Disclaimer

SKLTN  assumes no responsibility for any injury caused by this product. Use at your own risk. Water sports can be dangerous and physically demanding. Participating in water sports can involve serious injury or even death. The user of this product acknowledges both an understanding and assumption of risk involved in water sports. SKLTN expressly disclaims any liability for injury, death, property damage or other loss or damage suffered by any person as a consequence of the use of this product.

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