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The Product


Generally speaking, we focus on products in the surf and action sports industry including paddle boarding, kite surfing, kart racing, wake boarding, and free diving to name a few. We partner with clients that manufacture their own high quality products. In many cases our clients have come to understand the importance of being an active player in the Amazon marketplace (as opposed to being threatened by it). Most importantly our clients realize the potential for increasing their overall market share by being part of the Amazon marketplace. Check out some of the products we promote by clicking here.


The People

We started selling on Amazon in 2010 and have been a part of the surf and action sports industries for a long time and from a variety of perspectives. Combined with our e-commerce expertise and a network of 2000+ Amazon sellers we are uniquely qualified to meet the challenges that selling on Amazon can present.


The Process

Amazon customers are sophisticated and tech savvy with an average household income nearly 30% higher than the national average. They want convenience and quality and are prepared to pay a premium for it.  We understand this and use a proven process that enables our Clients to meet their goals.


Our process is based on a deep understanding of the Amazon marketplace. The process is not a secret or magic. It is simply the critical steps in the proper sequence and appropriate magnitude combined with a ton of hard work and ongoing maintenance. Below are some of the key elements.


We use a variety specialized tools to quantify and automate our approach.  We know customers find products to buy on Amazon mostly via keyword searches. We understand the factors that Amazon takes into account when it comes to ranking products in the search results. By achieving sales volumes on specific keywords your product will move up the Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR) and, as it does, it is exposed to more and more customers and sales naturally increase.


The quality of a product listing on Amazon is also important and we understand how best to optimize products specifically for Amazon including the sales copy, title, photos, and packaging. These are all key to maximizing sales and getting your products ranked on page one.


Getting potential buyers to your product (i.e. traffic) is critical in any sales channel. With Amazon, traffic in and of itself is of little value. Instead it is your conversion rate. We understand how to channel traffic from your established customer lists and audiences combined with ours to Amazon to drive conversion.


We understand the importance of getting satisfied customers to leave quality reviews and high ratings. Just as important, we have strategies to handle unhappy customers when a purchase does not deliver on its promise and they leave a bad review.


With all that said, Amazon is not for everyone. It requires commitment. Below is a list of important criteria we use to determine if you are ready to achieve success on Amazon:

  • You must be the manufacturer of your product (private labeling is not considered to be manufacturing)

  • Your product must be priced between $20.00 and $300.00 per unit (can be more, but cannot be less – products may be bundled)

  • You must have a well established audience (e.g., FB, iG followers, email list, etc.) of 1000+

  • Your product must be Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)

  • You must have sufficient inventory to simultaneously cover discounted and full-priced sales

  • You must be prepared to offer discounted products of between 10-50% (depending on your circumstances) as necessary


The Profits

Amazon is very challenging. It takes wherewithal and a considerable amount of expertise to win the game. But, if you do, Amazon can, and for many products does, deliver more customer sales daily than virtually any other channel. Contact us today to learn more.


Our Fee Structure


We are invested in your success. We only get paid if we earn it by generating sales. Our standard fee structure is comprised of two components:

1. An upfront startup fee
2. A commission on net sales received from Amazon over and above the startup fee


The startup fee constitutes a retainer for the following types of activities:

  • Account-setup

  • Competitor research

  • Keyword research

  • Product set-up and optimization

  • Set-up of promotion codes

  • Conducting promotions

  • Providing Amazon advice as needed

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