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paddle surf

SUP Leash

9' x 7mm


coiled SUP leash

10' x 7mm


wing foiling leash

6' x 7mm



We have been testing our leashes for years now. Key findings from our testing include the cord diameter and stainless steel swivels at the ankle cuff and rail saver. The comfortable neoprene ankle cuff with quick releases tab is secured with standard Velcro. The bottom line - SUP leashes not designed to the same specifications will break, stretch, and/or kink.

Our latest leash was designed with foiling and wing surfing in mind. At 6 feet it is just long enough to keep you away from the board and foil yet short enough not to get tangled up in the foil. We streamlined the ankle cuff resulting in a low profile design making it very light weight. The pull handle was made extra large for easy access for those times when you need to get away from the board quickly, e.g., tangled up in massive shore pound with a wing. 


SKLTN leashes are made in China. Our manufacturing partner in China maintains International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certifications in quality (ISO 9000) and environmental protection (ISO 14000).  Don't waste your money on inferior leashes.

safeguard yourself, your equipment and the people around you...

Warranty 1-Year Guarantee

Our warranty covers manufacturing defects and part failures that occur from the forces expected during normal use by the original purchaser. Fin cuts are not considered normal use. We will replace and/or repair the failed part  at our discretion.  To make a warranty claim please email us. Include proof of purchase and detailed pictures of the failed part. Photographs showing the failure are required. Unless requested by customer service you will not have to return the damaged part to us.

Legal Disclaimer

SKLTN  assumes no responsibility for any injury caused by this product. Use at your own risk. Water sports can be dangerous and physically demanding. Participating in water sports can involve serious injury or even death. The user of this product acknowledges both an understanding and assumption of risk involved in water sports. SKLTN expressly disclaims any liability for injury, death, property damage or other loss or damage suffered by any person as a consequence of the use of this product.

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