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a rich life is full of memories, not things...

One of the best ways to make lifelong memories is to go on a paddle board trip someplace new.  There are few better ways to explore the waterways than from the deck of a stand-up paddle board. With the Renaissance 3-piece travel paddle you will be well equipped no matter where your travels take you. Although worth it, traveling with paddle board equipment via car or air is a logistical hassle to say the least. Our goal is to make it a little bit easier. The Renaissance 3-piece travel paddle disassembles into 3 easy to pack sections that can fit into the trunk of your car, your checked bags or carry-on. It will even fit in the overhead compartment of most airlines.


Designed with a low aspect and 100% 3k carbon fiber, this blade is light weight and durable. The 90 in² blade provides the power when you need it. The 8 degree offset (i.e., blade angle) and dihedral design reduce flutter to deliver a smooth stroke from the catch to the release. The ABS insert along the entire edge of the blade provides added durability.


The shaft is built with 50% 3K carbon fiber with a diameter of 29 mm providing for a comfortable grip and medium degree of stiffness. The medium stiffness provides plenty of power and just enough forgiveness to ease the stress on the joints, especially the shoulders and elbows. The 3K carbon fiber gives the shaft durability and helps keep it light weight. The shaft can be adjusted from 70 to 86 inches. The anti-twisting adjustment system ensures your handle will always be secured in the proper direction and won’t loosen up over time like older, poorly designed paddles. Combined these features make this a great paddle for paddlers of all shapes, sizes and skill levels.


The timeless and proven rounded T handle (i.e., Tahitian style) was chosen for the grip. Made with 100% carbon fiber it is lightweight. The simple, ergonomic design makes it comfortable in the hand for long paddle sessions. The textured matte finish gives the handle added grip.


  • Blade Sizes: 90 in² 

  • Blade Offset: 8 Degrees 

  • Ferrule Blade Connection

  • Blade Material: 100% 3k Carbon Fiber

  • ABS Blade Insert

  • Handle Material: 3k Carbon Fiber

  • Handle: Rounded T Handle

  • Anti-Twist Shaft System

  • Shaft Diameter: 29 mm

  • Shaft Material: 50% 3k Carbon Fiber

  • Shaft Flex: Medium

  • Adjustment Range: 180 cm to 220 cm (70" - 86")

  • Weight: Super Light Weight at 1.4 lbs.

  • Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber Construction

  • Precision Cut CNC HD Core

  • Warranty: 1-Year Guarantee

Warranty 1-Year Guarantee

Our warranty covers manufacturing defects and part failures that occur from the forces expected during normal use by the original purchaser. Closing the hatchback door on your paddle is not considered normal use. We will replace and/or repair the failed part or paddle at our discretion. Our paddles are modular, enabling us to replace any of the components including the  blade, shaft and handle separately. 


To make a warranty claim please email us. Include proof of purchase and detailed pictures of the failed part. Photographs showing the failure are required. Unless requested by customer service you will not have to return the damaged part to us.

Legal Disclaimer

SKLTN  assumes no responsibility for any injury caused by this product. Use at your own risk. Water sports can be dangerous and physically demanding. Participating in water sports can involve serious injury or even death. The user of this product acknowledges both an understanding and assumption of risk involved in water sports. SKLTN expressly disclaims any liability for injury, death, property damage or other loss or damage suffered by any person as a consequence of the use of this product.

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