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SKLTN (pronounced "skeleton") was established to meet the needs of the action sports generation. This generation is made up of riders, skiers, paddlers, wake boarders, surfers, kite boarders, wing surfers, free divers and racers. As athletes we crave competition and personal accomplishment. Our appetite for adrenaline, speed, and big air is insatiable.


We are explorers and pioneers, intrigued by challenge and fear. We respect Mother Nature while embracing her power. As with the natural cycles our sports and activities change with the seasons. 


While the thrill and exhilaration is what we seek we also share an appreciation for the true essence of our sports and lifestyle. This is the basis of SKLTN. Our products and the ones we promote are simple, technically functional and stylish. Our products enable exploration of oneself and the world around us.  



As the seasons change (or weather for that matter) so does our focus and our product line – wake, snow, kite, paddle, surf, foil and kart. Only after rigorous field testing do we offer our products to the market. Our goal is to provide simple, technically functional and stylish products. Be safe.

kite surfing


1630 Scott Road 

Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

Tel: 904.479.5787

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